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Mission Statement

We will show God’s love through lifestyle, example, and teaching to others we meet, concentrating our efforts in areas of medical, infrastructure and economics. We will provide medical services to villages with none and reach remote communities with an aviation program.  We will help villages improve their infrastructure with wells, outhouses, roads, etc and contribute to economic improvement in the villages. 

Goals for one year

          Mobile clinics to surrounding villages


          Emergency medical evacuation from local villages

          Wells, outhouses and infrastructure in surrounding villages

Long term goals 3-5 years

          A Medical Outpost in Santa Rita (1 hour away) with a full time nurse

Building - $6,000 one time expense

Nursing School for local villager – $150 / year

Budget - $3500 / yr

Nurse - $1440 / yr

Medicine - $1800 / yr

Miscellaneous – $240 / yr


          Place Medical Outposts in other villages in the RAAN (Region we live in) not serviced by MINSA (government clinic)

          Offer aviation medical services and medical evacuation to far villages in RAAN

          Start an industry appropriate to each village that will provide that village with increased economic stability

          Coordination between visiting professionals and villages or organizations that need assistance

          Education or worthy student sponsorship

Medical Services

Medical services will include the following areas, both in local villages and mobile clinics as far as possible:

          Diagnosis and treatment for immediate illnesses

          Medicine availability

          Prenatal care and vitamins while working with local trained midwives

          Children’s preventative health including regular worm medicine

          Evacuation for extremely ill patients

          Evacuation for accident and trauma victims


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