Wings Over Nicaragua Mission

When hope runs out, we get the call

Reaching the Miskito Indians with Aviation and Medical Work

Nicaragua, Central America

Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Most of the wealth of the country, the tourism, and the Pan-American Highway , are all on the Western half of the country. That is where the majority of the population live, with over 25% being in the capital city of Managua . Most of the religious, medical, and humanitarian aid efforts in Nicaragua occur on the more populated and easier to reach Western side.

We live and work on the other side (NE Corner) of the country, where the indigenous Indians of the area are mostly subsistence farmers. This side of the country is not so heavily populated. Most reports put the Miskito Indians on the Atlantic Coast living in both Nicaragua and Honduras around 100,000, the only place in the world they call home.

We fly a 4-seat Cessna 172 airplane for emergency medical evacuation supply and transport to the far reaches of the Rio Coco region, which is the North border of Nicaragua. We also cover the areas to the South, in a large grassland savanna (swamp). We are centrally located in La Tronquera, south of Waspam. The airplane was donated by an organization called Wings of Hope in St. Louis, MO. Wings of Hope also helps with maintenance and the continued operation of the airplane in Nicaragua. They operate in 42 countries, and we are proud to be able to help them here in Nicaragua.

We are a very small organization, consisting of me (pilot) and my wife (nurse) and our two small children. We have been living in Nicaragua 7 years.

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